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Graph Graph

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I'm INGR3SSO, the founder of UltraLead Nation. A record label dedicated to release copyright-free music for YouTubers or Twitch users to use UDN (UltraLead Nation) music without having a fear of copyright claims or false ID.I hope that you will agree to release some new tracks and the track "Graph".

Obelion responds:

Hey, man, I really appreciate you being interested in my song! It's no problem, if the song doesn't end up being used commercially (which it probably will, since YouTubers and Twitchers make money with their streams, which my song would be a part of).
As soon as you make money with my song, we have to make a fair deal, though. PM me, if you're still interested.

Flash Flash

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That's amazing, dude! Mind if you release this track my record label name UltraLead Nation (UDN)?

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DJ-Dawphin responds:

what do you mean? release on what? im confused what you want.